Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life for now :)

Life with the USMC even though it is part time always seems to change plans. But for now things seemed to have settled into normalcy for the 1st time in a long time. Josh has been blessed with a good steady job with Marriott and as of right now he is working his 2nd day and seems to enjoy it very much. It is really close to our apartment and regular work hours! It is so wonderful lol :)

We also attended our 1st Young Republicans of Alabama meeting last night. Josh was part of the AZ group some years back, but this was my 1st time in anything like this. It was very loud and crowded because they combined the Mobile and Baldwin County groups. Overall though I enjoyed it and believe we will be going to their monthly meetings.

Last Saturday we went down to Fairhope on the bay and enjoyed a beautiful evening of Mexican food and listening to the band Roman Street. The weather was perfect! The event was hosted by a group called The Turn which is part of Celebration Church. We have good friends that attend there and we are visiting the services as well.

Check out www.romanstreet.com

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