Friday, December 5, 2008

AHHHHHHHH!!! Ok I am a little excited;D My wedding rehearsal is tonight and I get to have a mani-pedi today! lol. Almost all of the wedding party is here, a few will arrive at midnight tonight. I hope they don't fall asleep in the wedding! (nah I am sure they will be fine).

Right now I am sitting on the bed in my pjs blogging and wrapping gifts for the wedding party. My sister Scarlett and 3 soon to be nieces are in my living room asleep lol. We stayed up pretty late last night:) It is nice to see all of Josh's family here where I live...I am used to traveling a long ways to see them. And I finally got to meet my cousin Laura's baby Londyn...she is so cute! Sweetest baby ever!

I had a lovely bridal luncheon at a local tea room yesterday:) It was very nice and I really enjoyed it!

So I will sign off now and next time I blog I will officially be Mrs. Emily Rushton:D