Friday, June 5, 2009

Funny Friday

This pic reminded me to always think before you speak lol. I think what happened to this lady could happen to anyone! Have a great day everyone :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Changes to my blog

Just wanted to send a quick note to everyone that I am making a few changes including the name of my blog. So please bear with me as it may take me a few days to complete. Hope everyone has a blessed evening! Oh, and if you have any good ideas or blog websites to share please do! <3

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life moves fast.....

This Saturday Josh and I will have been married for 6 months. It seems so long ago yet so recent. It's kind of hard to explain lol. I love him so much more every day :) I am very blessed.

We are very excited to be moving next Wed. to a bigger apartment closer to my family! We are getting a great rate too! So many things are coming up fast this month..the CHEF Convention which Josh and I volunteer at..Ashley's wedding shower...USMC family day with Josh's unit and alot more. I want to make this month last for a long time and spend lots of time with Josh because sadly he is leaving for 3 months on June 29th. The good thing is he will be completing his training with the USMC! I am very proud of him and he doesn't like alot of credit given to him for what he has accomplished. And when he comes home late September I get to keep him home for the rest of the year hopefully! lol

This August I will be teaching ballet for Gracelines Dance Studio again! Looking forward to having my girls back and new ones as well! Ballet has always been a part of my life and I'm so happy that it has remained that way for now. Josh has always been very supportive of it.

I recently left the store Justice that I was working for lots of reasons. But mainly because it was taking more time away from Josh and home than we wanted. I loved the people that I worked with and they remain great friends! It has been a great thing to have a free schedule to get things accomplished and be home with Josh during the day since he works nights :)

I will also try to update my blog more!