Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving is next week!! Wow, the year has really flown by! This will be Josh's 1st Thanksgiving away from the college in 4 yrs. So I asked what he looked forward to in the meal....and his number one was pumpkin pie! Uhoh...... I don't recall seeing that dessert at any family holiday or function lol. So I have set myself to the task of making a pumpkin pie for Josh this year (my 1st attempt). I did some research online and found a great recipe website-

It allows me to set a profile and save recipes I am interested in so that I can always come back to them. Also, very cool budget and quick fix recipes.

So hopefully this pie will turn out great but overall I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2008's official...I am OLD! haha jk :) No, yesterday I turned 21! I can legally do everything that I have no desire for...smoking and alcohol lol. Most people think I am about 14 yrs old though! Ahhhh! I know I will appreciate my baby face eventually.

19 days until Josh and I are hitched! Woohoo! lol Things are going pretty well right now, Josh has a night job which he likes because it will allow him to keep up with his handyman business during the day. There is also a possibility that we may be flying out to Arizona and driving a truck back to Alabama at the end of December. Josh needs a truck for his business and I think road trips are fun!
But we will see how things work out :)

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well it is after midnight that means 26 days till the wedding! :D We got alot of details worked out now and are working on final lists. Although I think I will spend an eternity doing thank you notes lol.

Josh's business seems to be going well! He owns Brooke Construction Services which keeps him busy giving people estimates on handy man and odd jobs most people don't have time for or know how to do. If you want more info leave me a message!

I had my bridal portraits last Friday...they were so much fun!! I had my hair and makeup done and then the pics were taken by William Bunce of Creopix. I had them at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion- . This is where the wedding reception is going to take place. After all of the traditional pics, the photographer asked me to put on my ballet pointe shoes and have fun doing some artistic shots leaping through the air in my wedding dress and ballet shoes LOL. There are some great shots and I had a great time. I will post some of the pics after the wedding...just incase Josh looks at my blog...he can't see the dress yet:o