Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving is next week!! Wow, the year has really flown by! This will be Josh's 1st Thanksgiving away from the college in 4 yrs. So I asked what he looked forward to in the meal....and his number one was pumpkin pie! Uhoh...... I don't recall seeing that dessert at any family holiday or function lol. So I have set myself to the task of making a pumpkin pie for Josh this year (my 1st attempt). I did some research online and found a great recipe website-

It allows me to set a profile and save recipes I am interested in so that I can always come back to them. Also, very cool budget and quick fix recipes.

So hopefully this pie will turn out great but overall I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!

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Felicia Eis said...

Another great website is Simply Recipes I have used Elise's website numrus times when I need something quick for dinner. And then of course there is the Betty Crocker website Great websites for newlyweds ;) helped me out many times